Our clients


Our clients

Our Clients Key differentiators

  • Resolution of more than 85% of pre-authorisation requests can be done online and in real-time without human intervention.

  • Clinical and business intellectual property assets have guaranteed Agility Health’s leadership position in the risk management of healthcare funding

  • Highly automated systems are developed entirely in-house, ensuring a flexibility that allows for customisation for individual clients and speed of implementation of new programmes and products. We have the ability to embed and manage the exceptionally high volumes of clinical and business information that is necessary to perform administration, pre-authorisation and claims functions in a consistent manner.

  • A compelling cost proposition as a direct result of highly-automated systems. Fewer staff also allows for simpler management structures and the application of higher skills levels in the development process.

  • A delivery of local solutions with global experience.

  • A nationwide distribution and client services infrastructure throughout South Africa.


Understanding and addressing industry challenge

Health insurers across the globe have faced increasingly complex challenges caused by changing demographics, disease prevalence and regulatory reform. Since 1995, Agility Health has guided clients through the maze of clinical risk management, rapid technology change and expanding regulatory frameworks. Using our innovation, technology, and experience in the global marketplace, as well as a constant focus on delivery, Agility Health has been credited with some of the most impressive turnaround, change management, and risk management strategies.

The senior management and executive team have a strong history of business, academic, medical, and technological accomplishments. Our staff serve as the key driver behind our success and operate in an open, empowering culture where service delivery is of paramount importance.


World-class technology

As a result of lower cost structures, Agility Health is able to offer compelling administration and managed care costing frameworks. We have developed and utilised an end-to-end administration system which has powerful embedded automation and risk management functionality. This system has been developed using the latest available technologies and represents an integrated, flexible, and highly automated platform for administrators.

Agility Health has substantial intellectual property and technology assets. The company's intellectual property assets include clinical treatment protocols, coding rule sets, crosswalks, business approaches, local knowledge, and risk management frameworks. Agility Health's technology assets include administration systems for community-rated and insurance markets, a sophisticated rules engine, portals, switching technologies, and provider-based patient information management systems.


Size and fit

Agility Health’s philosophy and vision is focused on delivering unsurpassed quality of service to its clients. Clients, regardless of their size, receive more strategic attention from Agility Health than they would from larger organisations which may place them at a lower priority. The Agility Health boutique offering ensures customised solutions for the health insurer or medical scheme within a jointly-agreed strategic framework.


Comprehensive provider network

Agility Health has one of the most extensive and well-established provider networks in South Africa and has contracted with all levels of service providers, from primary to tertiary care, across various markets.